What Are the Benefits of Double-Glazed Doors?

17 September 2021
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Glazed external domestic doors tend to come in one of three forms these days. The first is the most common — the traditional sliding patio door which is relatively inexpensive to manufacture and install. The next is a glazed hinged door. When they are sold in pairs, they tend to be called French doors, but the fact is that all external doorways can be fitted with glazed doors, whether they are a single or a pair. The third example is a set of bi-folding doors which commonly have three or four panels that zigzag up onto themselves when they're opened. All three are superior products when double-glazed doors are fitted. Why? Read on to find out.

Improved Light Flow

To begin with, allowing more light into your home will make it an airier space to enjoy living in. Doing so will also increase the saleability of your home, so in this sense, you can see fitting double-glazed doors as an investment. Replacing a conventional door with a glazed door means, in effect, you get an extra window or two in your home. Of course, unlike conventional windows, double-glazed doors extend down to the floor, thereby allowing much more natural light into your home than would otherwise be the case.

Better Security

If you look at the security features of modern double-glazed doors today, then there can be no denying just how secure they are. Whether you are talking about reinforced and tamper-proof hinges or multi-point locking mechanisms, most good glazed door manufacturers go to great lengths to keep you feeling secure in your home. Furthermore, if you compare a double-glazed door with one which only has a single pane of glass, then the double-glazed one will win every time because they are so much harder to smash through.

Lower Utility Bills

Many external doors offer poor insulating properties these days. Therefore, if you compare a door with double glazing to a single glazed door or even one made from a material like uPVC, then the likelihood is that the double-glazed unit will be the superior product in terms of thermal insulation. Remember that this is not just about trapping heat in the winter when you have your heating turned on but stopping excessive heat from penetrating your home in the summer months. Either way, you will notice less expenditure on heating and air-conditioning if you opt for thermally insulating double-glazed doors in your home.