Four Reasons To Install Aluminium Windows In Children's Bedrooms

11 February 2022
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Australia's robust real estate market has created a record-high number of renovation permit approvals by councils in the past twelve months. With winter not too far on the horizon, one popular renovation at this time of year is window replacement. Drafty, old windows lead to higher-than-average heating costs. Aluminium windows should be top of your list when considering window replacement options, particularly for children's bedrooms. Here are four reasons you must consider installing this window type in your home.

Strong And Durable

Children spend a lot of time playing inside during the cold winter days, so their bedrooms need to be strong enough to survive rough activities. Aluminium is strong and durable. When items hit the window frame during inside play, the structure will not bend or dent. Also, aluminium window frames do not rust. The lack of rust means it is an ideal material choice for a window frame exposed to all weather elements.

Great For Allergies

Wood window frames are problematic when they absorb water over time. Water absorption occurs when the protective sealant over the wood erodes from the weather. The water absorption of this frame choice means wood rot, mould growth and mildew. These spores lead to increased allergy problems for kids, especially children with compromised respiratory systems. Aluminium, by comparison, never rots, which makes it an allergy-friendly material.

Easy To Clean

Cleaning a child's bedroom needs to be fast so that your kids can get back to playing. Another benefit of aluminium windows is how fast they are to clean. A quick wipe over with a damp, soft rag about once a month keeps the dirt away and the frame clear of grime. Never use abrasive or harsh chemicals on an aluminium window frame as they can damage the protective finish.

Energy Efficient

Children are often accident-prone, so the opportunity to keep their rooms warm without a standalone heater in their room gives a parent peace of mind. Aluminium frames provide a strong seal that prevents the outside cold from entering. The energy efficiency of aluminium window frames means any heat generated within the home remains inside the house, and that keeps your children warm and happy.

There has never been a better time to enhance your home through renovations. By arranging a quote for aluminium windows now, you can have this versatile product installed long before winter and cold weather arrives. After all, a warm, cosy child is a happy one.

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