Does Your Home Need a Security Door?

18 June 2021
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How safe do you feel in your home? Are you concerned that you could come home to find that intruders have ransacked your property? Home security should be a concern for every homeowner. Doing everything possible to reduce the attractiveness of your property to intruders will involve investing in an alarm system, but that won't activate until an intruder is already on your premises. You will also want to think about fitting locks on your doors and windows, but is there more you can do?

Consider fitting a security door

Many homeowners are discovering the benefits of security screen doors. A security screen is a great way to add an extra layer of protection to your property and make it harder for an intruder to gain access. However, not everything that is marketed as a security screen will be effective at keeping out unwanted visitors. Ensure that any security screen doors that you are considering fitting meet Australian Standard AS5039-2008. Screens that comply with this standard have been tested and shown to resist multiple types of attacks, including knife shearing, jemmying and pulling.

What would a security door look like?

The purpose of a security door is to withstand an assault, so you should expect the door to be of a tough construction, made using either steel or aluminium and featuring a grille that utilises a deep receiver channel to prevent it from being pushed from the frame. In coastal areas where the air has high salt content, it makes sense to choose an aluminium door, as a steel security door could quickly rust in those conditions. A steel grille or bars could be an additional security measure, but some homeowners may think that these options could leave their home looking like a fortress rather than a family home. A good compromise option could be to fit a stainless steel mesh to the door. A mesh does not obstruct the view in the same way that bars might and can still be an effective deterrent.

Whatever type of security screen doors you consider, it is best to arrange for a professional installation to ensure that the door is fitted securely into place. Any security door is only strong if it is mounted correctly. A professional installation will use only recessed security hinges and a three-point lock for the door so the hinges cannot have their pins removed and the door cannot be bent away from the frame.