How to make your windows bushfire resistant

15 September 2020
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Bushfires are a sad reality that you may need to protect your home against. What action you take will depend upon the threat level in your area. Here are some ways in which you can make your windows bushfire resistant.

Install specialist windows

This is the most important step. Bushfire windows are available that are made of thick toughened glass that can withstand the heat of the fire. The frames will also be made of a metal such as aluminium which will not burn away. Such windows can withstand high temperatures and should not be susceptible to attack from embers or airborne debris. They may also be tough enough that they can still be used after the bushfire, which will make the building safer for fire authorities and damage assessors.

Fit a metal screen

The next step is to fit a wire mesh screen over the glass on the outside. This should be made of a stronger metal such as steel or bronze and will protect the windows from any flying embers or debris. The holes should be small enough that embers will not be able to penetrate to touch the glass or frames. You will need to fit the screen with metal fixings. Such a screen can make the glass more difficult to clean but will prevent embers from entering your home and causing a fire on the inside.

Install shutters

Fire-resistant shutters are another good defence for your home. They will probably be made from stainless steel and will offer extra protection for your windows. They can prevent debris from shattering your windows before the fire has arrived and will also prevent heat from being radiated through your windows and igniting any soft furnishings indoors.

Maintain the windows

Finally, you should make sure that your windows and frames are in good repair to prevent embers from entering your home. Look out for any gaps around the metal frames — these should be filled with a fire-retardant sealant to ensure the entire window does not leave any entry points. Also make sure that there is no flaking paint on the window sill, as an ember could lodge here and ignite the sill.

Bushfire windows offer extra peace of mind and may be a legal requirement in your area. Talk to a professional about bushfire windows to find out what steps you can take to protect your home and your family.