4 Things You Should Never Do to Your Bifold Doors

26 October 2017
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Many people focus on how they should clean or maintain their bi-fold doors. However, they fail to pay ample attention to what they should not do to these doors during the cleaning process. As such, they end up making mistakes that can affect the performance or longevity of those doors. This article discusses some of the things that you should never do during the process of cleaning or maintaining bi-fold doors.

Never use abrasive polishing materials

Over time, bi-fold glass doors can lose their gloss or colour uniformity. This does not necessarily mean that it is time to replace those doors. Simple polishing can restore that attractive appearance that you were drawn to when you bought those doors. However, it is vital for you to avoid using abrasive materials during the polishing process. Instead, use a soft cotton cloth to polish the glass gently until it is glossy again. Abrasive products will scratch the glass and produce permanent blemishes.

Never select lubricants randomly

Some inexperienced homeowners may reach for any lubricant and apply it to the joints of bi-fold doors. This approach to selecting lubricants can result in poor performance of the door due to contaminants that may be trapped by unsuitable lubricants, such as grease. It is therefore advisable for you to use silicon-based lubricants only for bi-fold door hardware, such as hinges. They are not only effective but also do not attract dirt.

Never use a pressure washer

Some bi-fold doors come with self-cleaning glass. However, that glass can become caked with dust and other contaminants if there is no rain for an extended duration. Do not be tempted to use a pressure washer to clean off such dirt. The force of the water can easily damage your door. Instead, hose down the glass using your garden hose.

Never clean them during hot weather

It is also advisable for you to avoid cleaning your bi-fold doors during the hot hours of the day. This is particularly important for exterior doors. Such doors may have expanded due to the high ambient temperature. Hosing them down can result in cracks developing within the glass due to the effects of sudden cooling. The best time to clean the doors is when the weather is cool, such as in the evening.

The best way to maintain your bi-fold doors is by familiarising yourself with all the cleaning or maintenance procedures that are recommended by the manufacturer. Always consult an expert when you are not sure of anything. In this way, you will avoid shortening the life of your doors.