Answers to Some Questions You Might Have About Skylights

24 October 2017
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A skylight is a great choice for just about any room, as it can bring in lots of natural light and fresh air, reducing your utility bills and creating a much more comfortable environment inside the home. Skylights are not difficult to install, and can usually be fitted in just about any room without a second story overhead. If you've been thinking about getting skylights installed in your home, note a few questions you might have about these pieces, and this can help you decide the best option for your home.

Can they be installed on flat roofs?

If there is a section of your home with a roof that isn't pitched or sloped, you can opt for what is called a curb mounted skylight. This skylight is installed with a raised frame, rather than sitting even with the roofline. The curb mounted installation will tilt the skylight slightly, so that rain and snow don't simply pile up on the glass, blocking the view.

Is the glass for a skylight the same?

You actually have many options for the glass used in a skylight; this can include high-impact glass, for homes in areas prone to strong storms that produce falling tree branches and other debris. White glass has a slightly frosted appearance, in order to diffuse bright, direct sunlight that would make your home's interior too sunny. Glass meant for very snowy areas may have a topcoat that makes it a bit slippery, so that snow is more likely to slide off its surface and not build up; this reduces the risk of the weight of the snow causing the glass to crack.

Do blinds for a skylight go between the panes?

Skylight blinds are not installed between panes, as those panes of glass need to be sealed in order to keep out dust and debris. This means you can actually have blinds attached after the skylight itself is installed, if you decide that you want more control over the light they allow in the room.

When should you choose skylights that open versus stationary skylights?

Don't assume that skylights that open will be any more prone to leaking or other damage than a stationary skylight. These can be a good choice in bathrooms or a room next to a kitchen, as you can then let out steam, smoke and humidity from cooking, and the like. This can make the home's interior more comfortable and even protect the skylight from damage due to humidity and other such elements.