Three Practical Considerations for Bifold Patio Door Selection

18 October 2017
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If you are interested in enhancing your home with new patio doors, you should think about choosing the bi-fold design. Bifold doors provide an unimpeded view from the interior space, creating a seamless outdoor-indoor living style. Also, these structures will make your house look more spacious while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your patio. On the other hand, you should note that the impact made by your new doors will depend on the exact products selected. Therefore, here are some factors to help you identify the best bifold patio doors for your applications.

Bifold Door Framing

There are multiple materials which are used for building bifold door framing. When choosing your ideal product, you should compare the different options before making your decision. If you are interested in a clean, contemporary design, you should purchase an aluminium door. The metal is lightweight but sturdy, and the surfaces can be powder-coated to enhance the appeal. If you prefer a more traditional look, you should look for timber bifold frames. 

The timeless beauty of wooden surfaces will complement almost all home and patio designs. Moreover, you will enjoy long-term service due to the structural strength. The other popular option in the market to consider is uPVC. This plastic material is inexpensive, and it is perfect for use in adverse environments such as high humidity areas. You should evaluate your budget, home design and personal preferences before making your final selection.


When choosing bifold doors for your patio entrance, you should think about the glazing in the structure. In simple terms, the glass installed will affect the appearance and performance of the feature. Double-glazed doors are the best for this application. This construction ensures that the opening is sufficiently insulated. With this glazing choice, you will minimise heat gain during summer and heat loss during winter. As a result, you will keep the energy demands from your HVAC systems low. You should note that single-pane glass doors are cheaper than the alternative. However, the higher heating and cooling bills will cause long-term losses.


Finally, you should evaluate the different bifold door configurations before buying the best product. This choice will primarily depend on your taste. Check if the door opens to the right or left, and consider whether the panels open inwards or outwards. These factors can affect comfort and convenience. You should also remember that you can choose door panels in different sizes and numbers, and they can fold in one or two directions.