Important Details to Consider When Buying a Patio Door

16 October 2017
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Your home may already have a functioning door to the patio or deck, but that door may be old and worn, a bit unsightly, or damaged, so that you now need a new one. This is a good time to consider upgrading the door style to something more attractive and more functional for you, and that will work to enhance this space in your home. Note a few important details to consider when buying a patio door, so you can determine the right choice for you, and can ensure it's a perfect fit for both the indoor and outdoor spaces.


Remember to consider how the patio door will look from the outside space, and not just from the interior room. If you have a wood deck, you might want to avoid a timber patio door, as it's difficult to coordinate those wood species and grain patterns. An aluminium door might be a better option, as it won't clash with any wood surface.


If you often entertain a crowd, you want a set of French doors that have two panels you can open fully, or a set of hinged sliding doors that fold up out of the way completely. One panel that slides to the left or right, in front of another panel, may not offer enough access for your friends to easily walk in and out of the door.

If you use the patio door for occasional access to the outside, you may want to consider an access door, meaning one panel that you can open without having to open the entire wall of doors. Whatever the case, keep in mind your average foot traffic in and out of the door, and choose a style accordingly.

Energy savings

Energy efficiency should be a major concern when buying a patio door, as it's easy to lose heat or cooling through the glass of this door. When choosing your patio door, you then want to consider the energy efficiency of the glass itself, and not just the style of the door. Look for double-glazed glass filled with an inert gas, which will offer the most insulation. Low-E glass has thin metallic coatings that reflect light, rather than letting hot UV rays get into your home, and this is good for areas with lots of strong, direct sunlight. You can even look for energy star ratings and other such similar ratings that tell you how much energy savings you can expect with different types of glass, and choose something that will insulate the home as much as possible.