Ways Mirrors Alter Your Home's Interior for the Better

6 October 2017
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Are you considering adding mirrors to your home? In addition to playing a role in making sure you look decent when you walk out of the door, they come with other benefits. From making the room later to setting the tone for a decorative theme, there are lots of ways they can change your property's interior for the better.

You make smaller rooms look bigger

Living in a small space doesn't have to mean feeling cooped in. When you place a large mirror so that it reflects the images coming through the nearest window, you'll make the room look bigger. Alternatively, place one in a focal point of the room, such as on your mantelpiece, so that it makes the room look larger and has serious decorative appeal. Size plays a significant factor here. While you don't want your mirror to look ostentatious, larger ones are more likely to do the trick than smaller installments.

Bring a little light to dark rooms

Using mirrors does bring light into dark rooms, but only when you place them correctly. One of the biggest mistakes people make when they're doing this is placing the mirror directly opposite a light source. All this results in is an irritating reflection. Instead, place it adjacent to a source. When it comes to windows, you can get away with placing them opposite one, unless the room is south facing.

Hide imperfections in an instant

Fixing the imperfections that blight your home is sometimes a costly process. This is especially the case if it's a hole or crack and you're still trying to decide what to do with the room overall. 

As a temporary fix, you can choose a mirror that complements the room's overall theme. That way, you get to hide the imperfection and enhance the room's decor.

The right mirror could act as a statement piece

On that note, investing in a particularly snazzy mirror allows you to furnish your home with a statement piece. For example, large Venetian mirrors are aesthetically pleasing, as well as practical.

When you're choosing a mirror that acts as a statement piece, pay attention to your home's overall theme. Usually, this means selecting a particular frame. However, if you're trying to achieve a cosmopolitan look, you can do without and make it look as though your mirror is simply rising from the wall beneath.

Once you know what benefits you need from your piece, make sure you take your time browsing. If you're trying to make an investment, slowly perusing allows you to get more for your money.