Clearing Up Some Common Misconceptions About Car Window Tinting

26 September 2017
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Car window tinting can be a good choice for adding style to any vehicle, and this film can also make it more comfortable to drive during hot summer months. The right tint can also protect the car's interior, so it's not as likely to fade or crack because of exposure to direct sunlight.

However, some vehicle owners may have certain misconceptions about window tinting, so they may not think it's the best choice for their vehicle, or may choose the wrong tint for their car or truck. Note a few of those common misconceptions here, so you can decide if you want to get your vehicle's windows tinted, and can choose the best type of tint for your needs.

Film makes the vehicle too dark

Film tinting comes in different colours, and it will also vary when it comes to how much sun blockage it provides. If you're worried about your car feeling too dark, you can simply choose a light colour of tint and a film that only blocks a small amount of UV rays. This will ensure the vehicle's interior still gets some sunlight from the outside, and the cab of the vehicle won't feel like a dark cave.

Window tinting doesn't last

Very cheap film that a vehicle owner applies on their own usually doesn't last, and it may soon discolour, fade, peel, or bubble, causing an unsightly mess on the windows. However, high-quality film that is applied by a professional should last for many years without discolouring, and will never peel or bubble. As long as you choose a reputable installer for your vehicle's window film, you should be happy with the end result for as long as you own your vehicle.

Window film keeps windows from breaking

Tint added to vehicle windows is not strong enough to keep those windows from shattering, as actual security film may interfere with the side windows opening and closing. If you're worried about those windows getting broken, you might talk to a car window specialist about upgrading to a more secure glass than what was installed by the manufacturer.

If your concern is with someone breaking a side window to steal something or to steal the car itself, note that dark film can obscure the view inside the car, so a potential thief can't see if there is anything inside the car worth stealing. They also won't be able to see if you should accidentally leave your keys in the ignition, which can reduce the risk of the car getting broken into or stolen.