3 Reasons Your Office Needs Privacy Film Instead of Blinds

14 September 2017
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Your office probably has large windows, which is great to provide a view out while people work and let in natural light to keep everyone feeling positive and productive. That said, you'll need to invest in some kind of covering to keep out any glare and UV rays. In offices, that responsibility was traditionally taken by blinds, but privacy film is becoming increasing popular.

Here are just three important reasons why you might want to consider privacy film instead of blinds for your office.

1. Professional Appearance

People like blinds, as well as curtains and drapes, for their homes because they provide a homier appearance, with plenty of colours and designs from which to choose. Such options aren't really necessary for an office; instead of homey, you want your business premises to look professional.

Privacy film helps achieve that effect. It blocks out UV light and lets your employees work without anyone else peering in, but its simplicity and more neutral appearance ensures a professional air. Privacy film also boasts the advantage of taking up no space, making your office feel open and airy. In contrast, blinds can make an office look a little cluttered, especially if a few of the slats become damaged over time.

2. Easier to Clean

One of the main advantages of any kind of window film is that it does not trap dust. The same cannot be said of blinds, which are a real dust-trap, harbouring it on every slat. This means that cleaning is going to take quite a long time, and you'll need to take care of cleaning regularly since your employees will dislike working in a dusty environment and even a small amount of dust can make an office look shabby. Much easier to use privacy film, which requires practically no cleaning and lasts for years without showing any signs of wear.

3. Added Efficiency

One of the main costs associated with any office is energy consumption. There are several ways to make your energy use more efficient, and using privacy film is one of the best and easiest. It helps your windows retain heat, which can serious improve efficiency in a building with lots of window space. Blinds do not work in the same way and are far less effective at containing heat. If you want to save money on your heating bill, privacy film is undoubtedly the way to go.