Thinking About Double Glazing : What You Need to Know About Double Glazed Windows

18 September 2017
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Double glazing is formed from two panels of glass sealed together, with some space left between them. The air or inert gas (usually argon) trapped between the panels creates a pocket of insulation that keeps heat in or the cold out. Double glazed windows offer nearly twice the insulation single units have. Reducing heat loss, noise, and condensation. Once sealed, the unit becomes airtight and the glass is then fitted into wider window frames that can accommodate the two panes. Read More 

3 Reasons Your Office Needs Privacy Film Instead of Blinds

14 September 2017
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Your office probably has large windows, which is great to provide a view out while people work and let in natural light to keep everyone feeling positive and productive. That said, you'll need to invest in some kind of covering to keep out any glare and UV rays. In offices, that responsibility was traditionally taken by blinds, but privacy film is becoming increasing popular. Here are just three important reasons why you might want to consider privacy film instead of blinds for your office. Read More 

3 Reasons Why Homeowners Should Invest In Double Glazed Windows

13 September 2017
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A popular creed among homeowners is that as long as it is not broken, do not attempt to fix it. This statement may be applicable for an assortment of things around the home, but should not be your motto when it comes to home improvements. Some home improvements could help you make significant savings down the road, one of them being double glazed windows. Thus, even if your current windows are in excellent structural condition; you should bear in mind that they might not be providing you with the benefits that their double glazed counterparts would. Read More