Three Major Advantages of Roller Shutters

28 December 2021
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Installing roller shutters on your home can add stylish accents to the facade, or you could blend the shutters with the wall colour. Shutters, though, provide many other benefits besides aesthetic ones. Three major advantages are listed below.

Provides Security

One of the best aspects of roller shutters is the security they provide. Window glass is typically easy to smash and get past, which is why burglars often target it. Roller shutters cover glass with a metal covering secured to the frame. The sight of the shutters adds deterrent value and a formidable physical barrier. If you're out at night or going away on vacation, you can feel secure knowing that your home is sealed. You'll be less likely to arrive home to a frightening smashed window with a gaping hole.

Good for Daytime Sleeping

At night, things are usually quieter. Traffic is often scarce, depending on where you live. And most of the neighbours are asleep, and thus silent. This makes it easier for people to get a good night's sleep. However, not everyone sleeps at night. You might be a shift worker or have a baby sleeping regularly during the day. Living near a busy road can make daytime sleep almost impossible.

However, roller blinds can darken rooms as they fit tightly within the frame. Plus, you can opt for a model with foam in the slats to dampen noise. So, even during the day, you can enjoy a dark and peaceful room. Alternatively, you may not do shift work but live near a freeway that emits a peak-hour roar in the morning, waking everyone up too early. Closed roller shutters at night will prevent this and help avoid continual sleep deprivation.

Cuts Energy Bills

Insulating foam in roller shutters can also block heat from entering the windows in summer and stop it from flowing out in winter. Thus, you'll save on energy bills. You can adjust the shutters to the conditions. For example, if the sun is directly shining on windows during a scorching summer afternoon, you can close the shutters on those particular windows and leave them open on windows on the opposite side of the house. Being proactive will keep your home more comfortable and cut energy bills. You can also partially close the roller shutters to protect a large portion of the window but let some light inside through the bottom part. Roller shutters will also help keep your house warmer on a winter night.

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